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A Little About Me

Hello! I’m Dawn

Graphic and Web Designer


Many entrepreneurs like myself stumbled into their work by happy accidents, circumstances and a bit of luck.

Fresh out of college with a Business and Marketing degree, I started working for a small PR firm. This was the late 1990’s when websites were fast becoming “a thing.” Most companies didn’t have one, but they were smart enough to recognize it was a necessary evil. Because I was the youngest and most technically advanced at my workplace, they put me in charge of making a company website. I didn’t know anything about it, but I was determined to figure it out…without Google and YouTube’s help since it wasn’t around. I learned everything I needed to know from “HTML for Dummies”. Ahhh…things were so simple back then.

The word soon got out, and referral by referral, my little side hustle turned into a small freelance business. Then In 2003, I returned to school for a second undergraduate degree, this time in graphic and web design. I was official.

I continued as a freelancer for years – creating logos, print ads, company letterhead and business cards and building websites. Through years of hard work and many lessons learned, I’ve grown my little side hustle into a full-blown business.

Many of my jobs and referrals stemmed from people unhappy with the person they previously hired.  What happened to accountability, professionalism, and quality work? Ghosting, Dropping the Ball, Botching the Job. Whatever you call it, you deserve great results for the money you spend. I’m tired of hearing these complaints and sad for how this reflects on my industry. My mission is to improve your experience with graphic and web designers.

DS Designs is backed by over 23 years of experience, growth, marketing knowledge and expertise. I’m looking forward to serving my existing and new clients in the same way I like to be treated.

Call or email me anytime to discuss your next project.